We are a consultancy which focuses on “mission driven” organizations – and on those that want to be.


We are experienced and passionate practitioners in the power of purpose.


We are partners in transformation for corporate, mid-size and non-profit clients.


We are providers of advisory expertise in innovation, strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, reputation resiliency, issue advocacy, leadership development, purpose-based programs and enterprise competitiveness.


We are believers in the maxim that great ideas coupled with exceptional execution deliver outstanding results.


al·che·myˈ / alkəmē / noun

Denis Diderot described “alchemy” as a seemingly magical process of combination, transformation, and creation.

  • We work with you to combine internal ideas (what’s best about your organization) with external ideas (best practices and thought leadership).
  • We work with you to create ideas grounded in your business and reaching for your aspirations.
  • We work with you to go from vision to execution so that your ideas transform you, your organization and your future.

Alchemy as a practice reaches back far into human history. Its proponents sought to combine scientific, artistic and inspiration to transform base metals into noble ones.  It aimed to purify, mature, and perfect certain objects.

Idea Alchemy purifies, matures and perfects your ideas:

Keeping your efforts pure ...

We are experienced practitioners with intense dedication to personalization:

  • We want your ideas to ground themselves in your data-driven insight.
  • We want your ideas to have deep empathy for all your stakeholders.
  • We want your ideas to derive themselves from your inspiration.
  • By contrast: some firms offer you their ‘proven construct’. That’s not how we work. We ground your transformation in who you are — not what process we are selling.

... while helping your ideas mature ...

We are creative thinkers with a passionate orientation for results:

  • We want your ideas to come completely alive.
  • We want your ideas to surprise you with the span of their effectiveness.
  • We want your ideas to self-sustain over time.
  • By contrast: some ideation firms help you generate ideas and then leave the ‘doing’ to someone else. That’s not how we work. We focus on the whole idea lifecycle — from inspiration to implementation.

... as we work together to perfect your inspiration.

We are passionate believers in the power of ideas to transform

  • We want your ideas to grow from an intuitive thought to a game changer.
  • We want your ideas to give you the confidence to have even bigger ideas.
  • We want your ideas to prove to you that you can make a difference.
  • By contrast: some ideation firms want you to love their ideas. That’s not how we work.   We create interactions between your ideas and our insight, experience and expertise to create something entirely new… every time!


Going from the Base to the Noble.

“The base” is your starting point. It is your initial idea or inspiration to do SOMETHING, perhaps just ANYTHING. You MAY want to change where you are now. You MAY want to address that opportunities in front of you. You want MAY to bust apart that challenges that stymie you.  You feel a draw to action.   Then what …

You have an idea.  You have your “base”.  Then what?  How do you start?   How fast do you go?   How good is your idea?   You feel the need to do that something, to start a race to transformation, to deliver something new or to do something great.  What is your first step?   If you don’t know where to start, that’s when you call us.    Speed is critical.   Intuition is foundational.  Inspiration is actionable.  NOW.  Not later.   Get going.   We will be there with you.

With us, your ideas go from “the base” to “the noble”. Now, “noble” is a heavy word, but we think it is the right one when you define “noble” as “possessing outstanding qualities”.  So, our job is to work with you to take your initial ideas and make them something outstanding to deliver transformational results.


From the Initial, to Outstanding, and Results.

From the Initial

The Head of one of the largest restaurant groups in the world had an idea: “I should use my upcoming Chefs’ and Managers’ Conference to leverage the experience and creativity of my leaders to generate some big, new ideas.”

He asked us to work with him to plan the conference.

To the Outstanding

We worked with him to create three days of programming. First and perhaps most importantly, we created a pre-read and pre-work platform in order to minimize “learning/briefing/administrative” time — we maximized the time to go from “the base” to “the noble”. During day #1 we “Primed the Pump” with a series of inspirational and informational presentations, speakers and activities that motivated, educated and empowered the group to “think big”.  During day #2 we “Collected Genius” by running a series of ideation exercises which encouraged the group to look at their business, their challenges and their opportunities in creatively different ways. During Day #3 we “Made the Plan” by running a series of iterative workshops to determine the best ideas and flesh out how to make them real.  Throughout all of this programming we wove in culinary theming to reinforce our understanding of the restaurant business and to delight and engage the audience.

And the Results

One very big program arose from the workshop which has delivered double digit profit impacts since its inception.  It has grown and expanded to many parts of the company’s business.  It has proven highly resistant to competitor replication.  it has delivered higher levels of customer satisfaction and employee engagement.

… and perhaps more importantly …

The success of this program encouraged the company to resurrect an old idea.   A previously contemplated initiative had been tabled because the company “didn’t think we could make it happen”.  The success with the big program gave leadership confidence in a second, even bigger program … which also has delivered beyond expectations.

A noble idea often creates opportunities beyond itself.

From the Initial

A Chief Operating Officer had an idea:   “There has to be a really extraordinary way to roll out a new set of corporate values to my 200 distributed field-based outlets.”  

He asked us to work with him and his team to create it.

To the Outstanding

Our discovery work revealed to us some of the COO’s other priorities.   He wanted to do something “big” to increase his division’s profitability.   He also wanted to launch an initiative to increase field employee recognition and engagement.   We combined these three seemingly disparate priorities into one initiative.   We designed the content, theming and programming for a mobile tour in which an engagement team visited every single one of the field-based outlets with a full day’s programming that included the values rollout, a sustainability initiative launch and the first employee engagement reward event for the outlet.  We created a web-based platform for all outlets to follow the tour and provided them with non-event day materials and programming to reinforce the messaging and implementation of the program.

And the Results

The rollout of the new corporate values to the field-based employees were ranked highest in efficacy, satisfaction and retention among all of the company’s divisions (including the HQ rollout). The sustainability initiative both substantially lowered the division’s carbon footprint and increased profitability by $3.2M in three years. Employee engagement in the division rose by over 10 percentage points.

A noble idea often combines many opportunities into one.

From the Initial

A franchise company had an idea, “We would you like to join a joint venture collaborative pursuit of a large government contract.”

 They asked us “is this a good idea or a bad idea” and “can we do it”?

To the Outstanding

Our discovery determined that this was an opportunity for the company to create a new business line and revenue source, but that do so would require an entirely new way of providing its product and service.   We led the conception, formulation and adoption of new engagement and management models including human resources approaches, revenue management strategies, loyalty programs and branding policies.  We led guest experience design including room and public space modeling, service culture strategy, colleague training regimen and incentive systems.

And the Results

The success of this idea provided $27M in new revenue.  It also gave the company confidence to think outside its traditional delivery models in other areas.  

A noble idea truly transforms.


Dedication to Ideas, Transformation and Service
Paul Snyder | Principal
Idea Alchemy, LLC

Previously, Paul was Vice President, Corporate Responsibility at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG). In that role, Paul co-led IHG’s global Corporate Responsibility function and directly oversaw sustainability strategy and execution for the company’s nearly 5,200 hotels worldwide. Additionally, he directed the company’s Americas Public Affairs activities.

Paul joined IHG in 2003 and has held various Vice President roles in Development, Operations, Marketing and Brand Management. Prior to joining IHG, Paul held a number of roles at Marriott International, in the company’s Management, Development and IT departments. He started his career in the hospitality industry with Winegardner & Hammons, Inc., where he began as a line level employee at a Holiday Inn hotel and was promoted into managerial positions in both the Food & Beverage and Rooms departments.

A committed Atlanta community leader, Paul serves on the Board of the Georgia Center for Non-Profits, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and Metro Atlanta Chapter of the American Red Cross.   He currently leads the American Red Cross chapter’s Community Outreach Committee and is a member of the Executive Board.   At the Atlanta Symphony, he is a long-standing member of the Audience Development Committee and has served on the Executive Committee leading its Strategic Planning work. At the Georgia Center for Non-Profits, Paul led one of the most successful Corporate Sustainers Campaigns and serves on a number of Board Committees.


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